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    #4774 at 2020-09-26 23:36:42 (UTC+1)

    What did we learn this week?
    1. Check Gmail?
    Answers & Decodings - source: spreadheet
    What did we learn this week? 1. Check Gmail? [2 IMAGES: 1- REPOST OF FIRST IMAGE PREVIOUS POST, TEXT MESSAGES APRIL 2017 PG 20; 2- SCREENSHOT OF Q POST >>2847989 9-2-18 How might [DARPA] aka GOOG play a role in the spy campaign against POTUS? Think GMAIL. Think GMAIL DRAFTS. Think ES RESIGNATION. It will [ALL] connect eventually.] image 1 filename: Eitg_n0X0AA4Ifs.jpg image 2 filename: DmMfKRdVsAEX0Ox.jpg

    image 1 original image: https://media.8kun.top/file_store/40a41994e0ebcd91a718ebaf147c25a47a3e3de9f5c69c15585d69f69ee36129.jpg direct link: https://postimg.cc/5QfdyQ47 image 2 original image: https://media.8kun.top/file_store/fb2a281747cfd32525994e5568c0da51684db39f8f2092d9f532bfb187e30f1b.jpg direct link: https://postimg.cc/c69G0mg2 SCREENSHOT: https://postimg.cc/FYs44BGM