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    #4613 at 2020-07-23 23:15:32 (UTC+1)

    Answers & Decodings - source: spreadheet
    https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1286407008808325120 CBS_Herridge tweet: https://archive.fo/MBpsn SCOOP: Declassified records from @DNI_Ratcliffe reveal FBI "counterintelligence + security briefing" to then-candidate Trump, @GenFlynn @GovChristie August 17, 2016 -- 17 days after FBI Russia probe "Crossfire Hurricane.” According to docs, this was run through Agents Strzok + https://archive.fo/MBpsn/e8aa8b01cd9ece4839a0945e2f6ee2085758c681.jpg https://archive.fo/MBpsn/07932a3701828739ffc3db56ab80d9865b61af81.jpg https://archive.fo/MBpsn/d8e3ddd88a4dd3a0c782469aa68ee9b2716d5352.jpg 2:05 PM - 23 Jul 2020 [**PART OF AN IMPORTANT TWITTER THREAD, ALSO ARCHIVED, READ THE TWEETS BELOW -SSA]

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