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    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/17/peter-strzok-fbi-crossfire-hurricane-watching-trum/ WASHINGTON TIMES: FBI Crossfire Hurricane unit watched Trump the day he took oath of office By Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times - Friday, July 17, 2020 https://archive.fo/szYgR FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his FBI Crossfire Hurricane unit were focused on the White House during President Trump’s inauguration celebration, so much so that the “angry” agent complained he was kept out of the loop on a bureau counter-intelligence briefing there. Mr. Strzok, who would later be fired for his anti-Trump messages to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, erupted the day after Mr. Trump became president, according to newly released emails obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog in Washington. Mr. Strzok said in an email to his boss, counter-intelligence chief Bill Priestap, he could have folded the FBI briefing into his strategy for investigating Trump associates.

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