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    All systems go.
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    All systems go. [SCREENSHOT OF Q POST >>147449624 11-1-17 The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Safe & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker). POTUS TWEET 6-1-20 "NOVEMBER 3RD."] image 1 filename: EZjPmtJXQAAcau2.jpg image 2 filename: 1591110298900.png Q posts where 11.3 was mentioned - earliest first: >>147434025 10-31-20 11.3 Podesta indicted 11.6 Huma indicted Manafor was placed into Trump's camp (as well as others). The corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians will be in jail (you are seeing it already begin). A deep cleaning is occurring and the prevention and defense of pure evil is occurring on a daily basis. They never thought they were going to lose control of the Presidency (not just D's) and thought they had control since making past mistakes (JFK, Reagan). PS Soros is targeted >>147449010 11-1-20 Return to comments re: Pelosi and John M (some of us refuse to say his last name for a reason). This all has meaning - everything stated. Big picture stuff - few positions allow for this direct knowledge. Proof to begin 11.3 >>147449624 11-1-20 Think about it logically. The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker). >>147567888 11-1-20 My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

    image 1 original image: https://media.8kun.top/file_store/f5c42b325f76e602e3b0dcda8a738a2f6997f7b59ac05fdcf37ba5568ac39ad4.jpg direct link: https://postimg.cc/7G7BpTbW image 2 original image: https://media.8kun.top/file_store/09a18cc784b6b43307d17baf0bbb1c9d5fabd7d82952602a7624e25f55222659.png direct link: https://postimg.cc/1VsK2Ck8 SCREENSHOT: https://postimg.cc/kRsymNCf