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    #4237 at 2020-05-14 15:08:27 (UTC+1)

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    https://twitter.com/Stardust_1416/status/1260947737262120961 Stardust_1416 tweet: https://archive.fo/tiZ0w 😲 Wow Hillary openly taking about #Qanon it does not get any more mainstream than that! We must be way over Target 🎯 Congratulations Patriots & #DigitalSoldiers. We are winning the informational warfare. Keep fighting & get the memes ready. #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA D3M0 @D3m0A I thought of tagging @Inevitable_ET or @elenochle or maybe even @LisaMei62 or @M2Madness who do I tag to get this story out more?… 7:59 AM - 14 May 2020 ATLANTIC: The Prophecies of Q American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase. Story by Adrienne LaFrance JUNE 2020 ISSUE https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/06/qanon-nothing-can-stop-what-is-coming/610567/ https://archive.fo/pShT5 RELEVANT SECTION QUOTED IN TWEET: When I spoke with Clinton recently about QAnon, she said, “I just get under their skin unlike anybody else … If I didn’t have Secret Service protection going through my mail, finding weird stuff, tracking the threats against me—which are still very high—I would be worried.” She has come to realize that the invented reality in which conspiracy theorists place her is not some bizarre parallel universe but actually one that shapes our own. Referring to internet trolling operations, Clinton said, “I don’t think until relatively recently most people understood how well organized they were, and how many different components of their strategy they have put in place.”

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