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    #4102 at 2020-05-04 18:10:25 (UTC+1)

    Good example.
    See previous post.
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    https://twitter.com/PGenium/status/1257369837862608903 Good example. See previous post. PGenium tweet: https://archive.fo/2RX2l Jeff Tiedrich @itsJeffTiedrich May 3 am I understanding this correctly? sheltering at home is a hoax, but [checks notes] JFK Jr. faking his own death in order to help Trump round up a gang of international sex traffickers is real? holy fucking shit, you stupid idiots are why our country can't have nice things PGenium @PGenium · 23h23 hours ago In this case, you bring in the JFK Jr SPECULATION - not only has QAnon NOT said this, but when asked directly whether JFK Jr is alive, QAnon answered in the negative. The JFK Jr speculation is fun but not at all central to the main theses that QAnon has been rolling out. Dummy. blackmirrorimage @blckmirrorimage · 1h1 hour ago Let’s talk about some of the stuff QAnon did say, like that Tom Hanks was secretly jailed for raping children and that they know this because he posts “symbolic” photos of lost or discarded gloves, socks and shoes on Instagram. PGenium <--- THIS IS THE TWEET Q IS CITING @PGenium Replying to @blckmirrorimage @itsJeffTiedrich Great point, Sparky, except QAnon has said NONE of these things. Fake News strikes again. Many others have been digging into the rumors around Hanks, possibly because of the explosion of perverts outed during the whole Epstein thing. But QAnon? NOPE. 11:01 AM - 4 May 2020

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