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    #4043 at 2020-05-01 17:27:39 (UTC+1)

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    DE FACTO STANDARD. So, going by Q's last 3 posts, COVID = Influenza If HCQ treats COVID, then it should treat the flu, which means, we've all been forced to get these "vaccines" every year, when they are completely unnecessary. The issue is that the experts are DE FACTO meaning that they got there through infiltration, not through science or through government appointment which comes with ACCOUNTABILITY. SARS first became a problem in 2003, but the experts did nothing to prepare for the second SARS Pandemic. That is why they invented a new name. To escape accountability.

    SCREENSHOT: https://postimg.cc/jnfrrkjx The Defacto Standard that is also a voluntary standard is the solution to the "coordination problem" in Game theory. The choice of a de facto standard tends to be stable in situations in which all parties can realize mutual gains, but only by making mutually consistent decisions. Only if Pelosi gets along with POTUS can anyone make a mutual gain at this point. Trump comes out with that he knows about pharma billions and vaccines or they do what he wants. They answer to "P". Trump confirmed Defense Production Act is P. Two drivers meet on a narrow dirt road. Both have to swerve in order to avoid a head-on collision. If both execute the same swerving maneuver they will manage to pass each other, but if they choose differing maneuvers they will collide. In this example, it doesn't matter which side both players pick, as long as they both pick the same. This game is called a pure coordination game. Each player has chosen a strategy- an action plan choosing an action based on what that player has seen happen so far in the game- and no player can increase his own expected payoff by changing his strategy while the other players keep theirs unchanged, then the current set of strategy choices constitutes a Nash equilibrium.