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    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fisa-court-slams-fbi-over-surveillance-applications-in-rare-public-order Discovery. FISA court slams FBI over surveillance applications, in rare public order https://archive.md/9zkv7 Secretive Surveillance Court Rebukes FBI Over Handling of Surveillance of Trump Aide Presiding judge describes recent Inspector General report as ‘troubling’ WASHINGTON—A secretive surveillance court issued a rare public order on Tuesday, rebuking the FBI for its handling of warrant applications on Carter Page, a onetime Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court—which operates in near total secret—called a recent watchdog report “troubling” and described the behavior of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as “antithetical to the heightened duty of candor” owed to the court. The court ordered the government to explain to the court by early next year what steps it was taking to prevent such lapses in the future. The court order comes after a critical watchdog report found serious lapses in the FBI’s handling of the warrant against Mr. Page. https://www.wsj.com/articles/secretive-surveillance-court-rebukes-fbi-over-handling-of-surveillance-of-trump-aide-11576615299 https://archive.md/DHNvH#selection-2085.5-2163.33

    SCREENSHOT: https://postimg.cc/ZByppcpb VERY IMPORTANT: https://fisc.uscourts.gov/docket/misc-19-02 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Summary of Public Filing Order In Re Accuracy Concerns Regarding FBI Matters Submitted To The FISC IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, pursuant to FISC Rule of Procedure 62(a), that the government shall, no later than December 20, 2019, complete a declassification review of the above-referenced order of December 5, 2019, in anticipation of the FISC's publishing that order. In view of the information released to the public in the OIG Report, the Court expects that such review will entail minimal if any redactions.