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    Unrelated but worth noting.
    Answers & Decodings - source: spreadheet
    RESPONDING TO: >>7255097 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/7254624.html#7255097 https://archive.fo/Ry1oT#selection-47905.3-47915.2

    07/30/19 (Tue) 02:28:22 d2b47c
    Unrelated but worth noting. [SCREENSHOT OF Q POST >>13359 1-07-18 US taxpayers paying for it all (list of scams) Feel sick yet?] filename: 1e9805e60274e4725c0c878d3e0fa6e798f80edd9e291c06bc34fb1fb4821f57.jpg

    original image: https://media.8ch.net/file_store/1e9805e60274e4725c0c878d3e0fa6e798f80edd9e291c06bc34fb1fb4821f57.jpg direct link: https://postimg.cc/5XxyZVcF