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    Nothing can stop what is coming.
    Answers & Decodings - source: spreadheet
    https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article233102457.html Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. MIAMI HERALD: Lawmaker says she’s been told to back off call for probe of Jeffrey Epstein’s work release By Julie K. Brown July 25, 2019 11:36 AM, Updated 28 minutes ago https://web.archive.org/web/20190725171613/https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article233102457.html Florida Sen. Lauren Book has reached out to Capitol police after receiving an anonymous warning connected to her demand for a state inquiry into Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s handling of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s lenient work release program, the Miami Herald has learned. Book, a vocal advocate for child sexual assault survivors, said she also received more than a dozen calls by Bradshaw’s political supporters asking her to back off on her call for an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into Bradshaw. WALL STREET JOURNAL: Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilots Are Subpoenaed in Sex-Trafficking Investigation Testimony could be used in efforts to corroborate accounts by the financier’s accusers By Nicole Hong and Rebecca Davis O’Brien July 26, 2019 8:00 am ET https://www.wsj.com/articles/jeffrey-epsteins-pilots-are-subpoenaed-in-sex-trafficking-investigation-11564142402 https://archive.fo/89En4 Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime personal pilots, according to people familiar with the matter, as investigators seek to question the financier’s employees in the wake of his indictment on sex-trafficking charges. The grand jury subpoenas were served on the pilots earlier this month after Mr. Epstein’s arrest on July 6, some of the people said. Mr. Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey after he had returned from Paris on a private jet. A lawyer for one of the pilots confirmed the subpoena, but declined to provide further details.

    Clinton Foundation child pornographer identified – whistle-blower warns public we are eating babies 8 months ago Timothy Holmseth https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/clinton-foundation-child-pornographer-identified-whistle-blower-warns-public-we-are-eating-babies/ https://archive.fo/bpljs The Girls Next Door By PETER LANDESMANJAN. 25, 2004 https://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/25/magazine/the-girls-next-door.html https://web.archive.org/web/20190724091618/https://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/25/magazine/the-girls-next-door.html DICK ZEBO'S CARIBBEAN RENTALS PRESENTS LITTLE ST. JAMES A PRIVATE ISLAND RETREAT U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Featured in Conde Naste Mar. 96, House & Garden Magazine & The Villa Report LITTLE ST JAMES BOASTS A STATELY GREAT HOUSE WITH FOUR BEDROOM PAVILLIONS, EACH SUPERBLY FURNISHED WITH FINE EUROPEAN AND HAITIAN ANTIQUES, A CHEERFUL KITCHEN, WHERE ZENNY, ( THE ISLANDS FABULOUSE CHEF ) WORKS HER MAGIC, AND A LARGE GREAT ROOM. RATES INCLUDE ALL MEALS, WINE AND SPIRITS, ROUND TRIP TRANSFERS TO & FROM ST. THOMAS AIRPORT, DAILY MAID SERVICE AND USE OF THE ISLANDS TWO BOATS. THERE IS A SPARKELING FRESH WATER POOL, YOUR OWN WHITE SAND BEACH, LOTS OF REEFS TO SNORKEL, HIKING TRAILS ETC. CHILDREN ARE MOST CERTAINLY WELCOME..... http://www.naplesnet.com/turks/crusviLstJames.html https://archive.fo/fT44A --> includes photos of interior of some buildings - doesn't really look like other photos of the drone footage, but interesting.