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    Symbolism will be their downfall.
    Answers & Decodings - source: spreadheet
    Symbolism will be their downfall. [PHOTO OF BUILDING IN THE MIDDLE EAST THAT IS EXACTLY LIKE THE TEMPLE ON EPSTIEN'S ISLAND] filename: D_xsUBRUcAAbIYh.jpg TinEye shows this to be an original photo (has never been posted online before): https://www.tineye.com/search/ce4c4e7aca0106cfdd28be28b853b7713453e7e9?page=1 BUT shows up here: https://archnet.org/sites/17305/media_contents/126411 POSSIBLY: Hammam Yalbbugha - bath in Syria (now partially destroyed https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/Hammam_Yalbugha/ Hammam Yalbugha (Arabic: ‎) is a Mamluk-era public bath ("hammam") in Aleppo, Syria. A Turkish Bath (Turkish: hamam, Arabic: ‎, romanized: ḥammām) is a place of public bathing associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire and more widely the Islamic world. A variation on it as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era, and then spread through the British Empire and Western Europe. The buildings are similar to Roman thermae. Unlike Russian saunas (banya), which use steam https://syrian-heritage.org/the-public-hammam-an-ancient-syrian-tradition/ https://archive.fo/6Uf69 Early 'PRIESTS' had to purify themselves in Bath houses before being clean and pure enough to make a sacrifice. Just wondering if the Epstein Temple was a place for the 'priest' to stay as part of the ritual before time of sacrifice.

    original image: https://media.8ch.net/file_store/956ceee75a2ad585a007e14e677537aa9e6957840cd79d338810324913de9214.jpg direct link: https://postimg.cc/HcT21cyp